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Join the No. 1 global fitness phenomenon. Complete your Les Mills qualification with Focus Training and you'll have the world at your feet.

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The Diploma is the new benchmark for Personal Trainers. Whether you are Level 2 qualified or just starting out, this top quality course and our fantastic prices will tick all the boxes.

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Fast track your career prospects. Full time Personal Trainer Courses Diploma and Gym Instructor courses.




Pay deposit only and spread the course cost with an interest-free loan. Just one of various money-saving ways to help you pay – only with Focus Training.

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Become a qualified Gym Instructor! It’s the perfect way to start an exciting career in the fitness industry.

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If you are over 24, you are likely to be eligible for 24+ funding for many popular courses. Look out for the stopwatch.

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Personal Trainer Courses

Focus Training are a leading provider of Central YMCA/CYQ and Active IQ certified personal trainer courses. We’ve coached and developed some of the UK’s most successful fitness professionals, who since studying to become a personal trainer, have never looked back!

So, whether you’re taking your first step on the ladder with a Gym Instructor Course or ready to take it to the next level, with a Personal Training Diploma, the world of fitness awaits you.

Why Choose Focus Training?

Don’t just take our word for it, Jenny Patrickson, Active IQ Commercial Director says:

“Partnering with such a trusted and established training provider as Focus Training enables us to reach a wider audience with our qualifications and ensures consistent training across the sector, of the highest standard.”

Choosing your personal trainer courses is a big decision. Not only will it help to carve your future career path, but the quality of your fitness qualification will play a large part in building your reputation in the industry. With personal training courses becoming increasingly popular, choosing the right personal training course provider can be more challenging than choosing which course to do!

Sure, you’ll want a personal trainer course that’s affordable and available in your area. But it’s what makes the difference between a piece of paper and a high quality fitness qualification from Focus Training, that will add real value to your career?

  • We are one of the largest and most successful providers of personal training courses for health and fitness professionals in the UK.
  • We don’t just teach our students. Through our personal trainer courses, we support, develop and mentor our students to succeed in their fitness careers. This shows in our exceptional student pass rates and levels of student satisfaction.
  • We live and breathe health and fitness, so are passionate about providing a service of real engagement and high quality. Skills inspectorate, Ofsted rates us ‘Outstanding’.

Our Personal Trainer Courses and Fitness Instructor Qualifications

We offer a wide range of personal trainer courses and fitness instructor accredited qualifications. All of our courses are industry recognised and will qualify you for REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals).

Our Level 2 and 3 personal training courses can lead to a variety of career choices. Those aspiring to work with children may enjoy our Kids Instructor Course. Alternatively, our Older Adult Fitness Course is crucial for those who want to work with clients over a certain age.

If you love music, movement and fitness then the global phenomenon that is Les Mills could be for you. We've teamed up with Les Mills, the most successful group fitness program on the planet, to offer you the complete training package to become a Les Mills Instructor. You'll choose from Exercise to Music or Gym Instructor and then either one or two Les Mills modules. If you dream of leading packed studios of Les Mills fitness devotees then talk to us about our Les Mills Instructor course.

Our Exercise to Music qualification is the starting point for instructing group and studio based exercise, whilst those with a love of the great outdoors will find our Outdoor Fitness Coach course a breath of fresh air!

If you’re keen to specialise, our unique Level 4 Specialist courses open up opportunities in a number of niche fitness areas. As GP’s have an increasing demand for exercise referral specialists there’s never been a better time to become qualified to help shape the nation! And if there’s a specific routine you love, our PURE workshops and our new Fitness Professional's Toolkit course covers the latest trending and popular exercise methods such as boxing, kettlebells, circuits, step and chill. We also deliver personal trainer courses to corporate clients looking for staff training, through our Staff Academy.

Contact the team to discuss our wide range of personal trainer courses today. We’re ready... are you?

Not All Fitness Qualifications Are Equal...

The quality of your qualification is crucial. Anyone can claim to be a personal trainer but experts say that the best way to judge the skills of a personal trainer is in the quality of education they have under their streamlined belts.

Reputable training providers will provide personal trainer certification that will allow you to join the REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) register on completion. If you plan to follow your studies with a fitness career, this is the register you'll need to be on! All of our courses are recognised by REPS, and so you can rest assured you're working towards a highly reputable qualification.

"Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking!" Henry Ford.

Expert Support Every Step Of The Way

Our Focus tutors not only have a passion for fitness but a wealth of experience in delivering teaching sessions that are interactive, innovative and fun. We don't just teach...we provide support through revision, practical workshops, group work and one to one support to ensure we're getting the very best out of you, and you get the very best out of our personal trainer courses!

We've tutored more than 40,000 students so you certainly won't be on your own. We'll conduct regular catch-ups by phone, email, Skype and in-person to ensure that you have everything you need. Whether it's a course-related query or you simply need a few word of wisdom, we've got your back covered.

Reputation - It's Not The Tools, It's How You Use Them

Choosing your personal trainer qualification is a big decision. Not only will it help you to carve your future career path, but the quality of your fitness qualification will play a large part in building your reputation in the industry.

Sure, you'll want a professional personal trainer courses that's affordable, available in your area and that covers the subjects that interest you. That's given, but what really makes the difference between a piece of paper and a high quality fitness qualification that will add real value to you career?

Personal trainer course certification from Focus Training can open doors within the industry that other certificates may not. We teach the same basic skills from the same curriculum and sure, probably in the same order! However, we pack in much more of a punch with over 15 years' experience, dedicated tutor support and a solid reputation for being one of the UK's leading training providers. We don't do average and with our support, neither do our students.

Our Network Of Personal Training Courses Centres

We deliver our practical sessions in a number of state of the art venues nationwide. So, no matter where you live, there'll be a course coming to a town near you!

Take a look at our course venues here

Flexing The Purse Strings

Many fitness fanatics dream of that career as a fitness professional but just don't have the money in the bank to allow them to study to get the qualification they need. It's a catch 22, you need the job to get the money but the credentials to get the job!

If you are dreaming of a career in fitness but feeling the pinch before you start we won't let your bank balance get in the way of your dreams.

We have a number of payment choices to help take the strain on your wallet as you prepare for your fitness future.

Already a qualified Personal Trainer?

How successful you are as a personal trainer depends on what you can offer your clients to keep them motivated and committed to their exercise regimes. Keep them on their toes and they’ll retain your services for longer and achieve better results for themselves. 

Give your clients more variety in their personal training sessions with some fresh ideas from our range of PURE Continuing Professional Development courses.  Our unique Fitness Professional’s Toolkit gives you 4 skillsets in one weekend workshop, its great value for money. We’ve also got regular workshops for Circuit, Kettlebells, Cycle, Padwork and Lifting and Core. The best personal trainers keep on training!

Jobs Board

Whether you are looking for your first dream job, or simply ready for a change of scenery, as a Focus Training student you have exclusive access to our Jobs Board. New jobs are added every week by some of the UK's top employers, so make sure you keep coming back to take a look.



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What our customers say:

"I passed my Level 2 Gym Instructor today, which would not have been possible but for the fantastic Focus team. The support given throughout was fantastic I shall definitely be training with them again in the near future."

Sarah Jones

"From my first enquiry right through to taking my final exam, Focus Training have been there every step of the way."

Elizabeth Moore

"I'm currently doing ETM Level 2 Personal Trainer Course and I can't believe how nice, friendly and helpful you are!"

Leanne Davies

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