If you’ve just qualified as a Personal Trainer, firstly, congratulations!  Secondly, there are a number of ways you can now maximise your chances of having a successful career in the industry…
Multiple Certifications
One way that personal trainers increase their chances of being hired after they obtain their initial certification is to continue to build their CV by taking on additional qualifications. Most trainers choose one initial certification to get started on their careers, but can then gain further certifications in more specialist areas. Those with more qualifications are more likely to progress in niche or specialist areas.
EducationAside from certification, personal trainers can also ensure they get a job by continuing their education in the form of a degree. Although a degree is not required to work in the fitness field, certified trainers who obtain postsecondary education are more likely to beat other potential applicants who have no higher education. Obtaining a degree in a related field like nutrition or kinesiology can go far toward propelling you forward in the fitness sector.Get Your Foot in the Door

Some personal trainers get their foot in the door with a gym by starting off working in other capacities. Although certification qualifies you to train clients, a gym will not be willing to simply hand over its clients to you without asking you to prove yourself first. Because the reputation of the gym hinges partly on the quality and reputation of its employees, it might want you to go through a trial period before you actually train clients. Many gyms also have salespeople who sell memberships. Proving your ability to sell is key as a personal trainer because you have to sell yourself and your services to prospective clients. Starting off as part of the gym’s sales force is one way to prove yourself and get to know the clientele.

Work in Related Fields

If you live in a community where the competition for personal trainer jobs is fierce, working in a related career field is one way to bolster your credentials and get that dream job. For instance, if you obtain a degree in nutrition and work as a nutritionist, you can offer your personal training services to gyms in the local area on a part-time basis. Gradually, as you build your list of clients, you can move towards more work in personal training until you finally do it full-time. This gives gym owners and managers the added benefit of bringing you on part-time while using your training services and not having to extend benefits to you until you have proved your worth as part of their full-time staff.

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